天才衝衝衝 2009-01-10 飛輪海 羅志祥

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  • cantwatch

    its so blurry at the top left corner 🙁

  • [YT] lol watching this makes ME stressed can’t imagine how they feel

  • [YT] whooo go arron with his taiwanese!!! sweetness~

  • [YT] 疆屍那橋段好搞笑XD!

  • [YT] 林若亞是誰?

  • [YT] 如果有鬼鬼會更好看

  • [YT] 最好笑的一集。。。笑到我嘴好酸。

  • [YT] Aarron is going to yun dao le

  • [YT] butterfly is clever

  • [YT] 因为,,,干你娘0-0

  • [YT] Aaron hao li hai.. hahaha…

  • [YT] 亞綸超可愛的.

  • [YT] He’s helping him with the chinese portion, in the event that he can’t read it.

  • [YT] hahah, yellow animal, she said banana. CUTE!

  • [YT] 欸嘔! 沒想到陳為民的英文很不錯耶!
    亞倫滿靈得一直用台語 lol

  • [YT] he* xD

  • [YT] LUOZHIXIANG’S PART ULTRA HILARIOUS. laugh from starting till the end.
    espcially the part when i want to be the last so he could take a nap. ROFL.

  • [YT] this is HILARIOUS hhahaa

  • [YT] lol better than many taiwanese people lol

  • [YT] oh dear the english subtitles sometimes wrong. not very useful for audience tryign to learn taiwanese at home

  • [YT] 看到nono有在瞄答案。。

  • [YT] 什么是赶羚羊?

  • [YT] i thk almost some to m’sia hokkien cuz alreasy mix wif malay

  • [YT] ahahahaha! Thats really hilarious.^^

  • [YT] where can i find fahrenheit at 天才衝衝衝 ?

  • [YT] 亞綸’s english is not that good, but he is still cute

  • [YT] that’s so cute <3 he's using japanese

  • [YT] isnt the same as malaysia also??

  • [YT] xiao zhu soooo funny…he makes the whole episode sooo interesting!!!

  • [YT] LOL CALL 完了

  • [YT] me! 200% supporter omg

    anyone here supports guilun???

  • [YT] 我的媽呀~~

  • [YT] whoa the girl pair with wuzun, her voice is so irritating -.-

  • [YT] 007 and xiao zhu!!!

  • [YT] I think it’s because the English he speaks is sometimes broken so it sounds funny… nevertheless, he still looks cute =)

  • [YT] 炎亚纶 speak english so funny.

  • [YT] 你好像林若亞


  • [YT] dats wot i mean if u read my comment properly…

  • [YT] why?? I think it’s the 蝴蝶 girl who keeps getting everything wrong…. they seem to lack chemistry

  • [YT] 炎亚纶好聪明

  • [YT] lol they asked if u can talk in “si chuan qiang” ~~~ lol i can hahaha

    go arron~~~!

  • [YT] i don’t think it was Chun having the problems giving out the clues.. it was the girl, she’s just not that smart!

  • [YT] what does that mean?

  • [YT] aaron looks very man now….last time like girl like kid….now very handsome….nice……

  • [YT] aaron is d best!!
    so genius!!
    support u 4eva~~

  • [YT] 炎亚纶好可爱哦让后

  • [YT] 汶莱福建…河古晋福建….一样也…

  • [YT] aaron is so cute <33333

  • [YT] 吳尊整個帥翻天
    在旁邊很急 哈哈

  • [YT] 實在是太好笑了

  • [YT] HAHAH
    hu die jie jie is so cute and funny

  • [YT] i dun think it’s wuchun’s english that has problems~ it’s his chinese.

    Aaron’s just reading him the chinese terms, because sometimes the translation is a bit funny~~ heehee

  • [YT] “eh..eh…eh…” he keeps saying that and ‘yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah’ @ 09:55
    haha lun so cute^^

  • [YT] I know right? And those two were good at it…Arron was getting frustrated…cuz he’s serious about the game…loved his cute reactions though…she was hilarious to watch.

  • [YT] how come lun can play again? is he like helping wuzun? i thought wuzun’s english is pretty gd what. but anw,lun’s so cute^^ <3

  • [YT] Arron: …your sensei

    lol he even started to use japanese.

  • [YT] 羅祥 跟 飛 的專輯都要支持

  • [YT] “cooker” ?!!! rice-cooker? XD

  • [YT] wah, nono is quite amazing in guessing, and the other one is pretty good in giving hints!

  • [YT] AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yalun is so cute when he speaks english, love him <3

  • [YT] 亞綸

  • [YT] genius ya lun

  • [YT] omgggg soooo funnnyyyyyyy….laugh my ass off !!! HAHAHAHA Show is Cute and Funny hahaha

  • [YT] wats mean by 赶羚羊?

  • [YT] calvin is SO smart!!!!!! he gets almost everything hehe!!
    and so in arron.. the way he phrase things for them is very smart!! my fav 2 frh memebrs are just smart kiddies 🙂 hot/sexy/cute/adorable and SMART

  • [YT] 亞綸好帥好可愛噢!

  • [YT] かわええ

  • [YT] 亞女2當然聰明,,,


  • [YT] 那ㄍ三字經的XXX

  • [YT] CALVIN 好聰明牙!!

  • [YT] what did arron say when they covered it?

  • [YT] arron lived in america for 5 years
    and is majoring in english

  • [YT] arron spent 5 years in america 🙂

  • [YT] finally.. it’s SHOW TIME!!! and it’s gonna end OMG!! <3<3... so funny!! i really cannot imagine that being first time here.. he really brings a lot of laughter to everyone.. i will miss this episode.. hope he comes often!! <3 xiang xiang haha.. jia you!

  • [YT] This is a funny show.

    I can’t believe aaron is so smart

    but I think nono is a good guesser!

  • [YT] Aaron is really smart like 007!

  • [YT] he is using the same question n doing different things!!!

  • [YT] xiao zhu is so funny he keep on repeating the samething!!!!!hahahaha

  • [YT] 0033=零零散散

  • [YT] 最好笑就是這一段了,笑得我肚子好痛~

  • [YT] 亞綸好厉害哦~ 我越来越爱亞綸了! <3

  • [YT] “大人不記小人過”那個也太好笑了吧!!

  • [YT] hahaha 鳥人可是髒話哦。

  • [YT] 大東is always the spokeperson eh? hehe. =]

  • [YT] haha I think NONO knows the answers, why would he spell G O D for dog

  • [YT] hahaha…lol….this super funny…cant stop laughing…lol

  • [YT] rofl.
    butterfly: “*sigh* I don’t know how to act with you like this…”

  • [YT] 中毒了

  • [YT] 炎亞綸好厲害哦!

  • [YT] and he studied english in his universtiy if i am not wrong

  • [YT] 亚纶好聪明

  • [YT] LOL when she hugged calvin, da dong looked so confused xD
    and da dong was moving his legs like they werent injured before! be careful la!

  • [YT] he lived in the U.S. for a while

  • [YT] feel kinda sorry for wu chun…

  • [YT] omg Aaron is so cute and smart !

  • [YT] aaron so 007.. smart!

  • [YT] Aaron was so cute, so Smart!
    He could find many good example to play the game!
    I love him so much!

  • [YT] best episode ever~~!!

  • [YT] No offense, but that 蝴蝶姊姊 is really a little bit bimbotic. No matter how many times Chun and Aaron explained the phrase, it still took her super long to get it right.

  • [YT] 小豬好可愛哦~

  • [YT] gracias x el video.

  • [YT] U noe wat did Aaron said when d beeped out?

  • [YT] hahaha

  • [YT] 🙂 🙂

  • [YT] Calvin is smart ^^

  • [YT] 哇靠!!尊少和亚纶的默契有够好的!!

  • [YT] AARON is SOO smart 😀

  • [YT] ya lun so li hai

  • [YT] ya lun so ke lian…standing there hais…like don know wat to say like that

  • [YT] 笑到我好辛苦lor!!

  • [YT] 愛死綸少

  • [YT] agree! only singaporean can understand him!

  • [YT] at the lao shu shi part

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