康熙來了 2013-11-29 看了這些書才算沒白活過?!

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      是啊 將男性物化為金錢和性的書

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    Can’t believe anyone would actually recommend fifty shades of shit on TV.

  • assd

    小s離開學校後 讀過的書有沒有超過3本?

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  • Ashley

    這集讚! 多做這種單元得金鐘的機率會高很多XD

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  • Ashley

    “別相信任何人”我覺得它有點太拖了…重複的語句也過多 讓看了會有一點厭煩 但是結局還是有讓我驚到!

  • 我喜歡這個主題:))))) B2好喔!

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  • 哎。。


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    Part 2 07:20 簡醫生好可愛呀

  • Nina

    大推 夢象成真!!!!

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  • 劉天天3P

    I was hovering over Xiao S, pinning her hands above her head, our eyes locked in an intense battle, chests heaving, blood running through my veins rapidly, adrenalin bursting out of me, as I try to think of my next move. Xiao S is laying beneath me, her pink onsie riding up her body, showing some bare skin, she is biting the left side of her lower lip, brown chocolaty eyes fill with dark lust, but with a familiar warmth. She is so beautiful, and soft, and so… so mine.

    I stop contemplating and let myself go. I lean in to her and crash my lips against hers, still hovering above her, not letting our bodies connect yet. I kiss her hard, with all the might in me, trying to fight away all the bad thoughts, but it seems to fire back at me. I disconnect our lips abruptly and sit up. I’m full out fuming now, aggravated with myself, and my eyes are closed. “Luar… look at me” Xiao S says in the most collected voice I’ve ever heard her use. I let out a shaky breath and open my eyes, looking down at her.

    She held her hand up to my face, and lightly caressed my lips, and the fading bruises around my eyes, under my chin, soothing all my fears. She reached the back of my neck and lightly scratched it, sending gentle shivers down my spine. She grabbed my neck and pulled me down, back on top of her, holding me close to her lips, her eyes closed as she whispered to me “I will never hurt you Lauren, I want you so much, and I love you.” She then pressed her lips against mine, setting the pace to a tranquil pace.

    We kissed in a perfectly slow rhythm, our lips grazing against each other, her soft lush lips, devouring every inch of my lips, sending electrical waves through my body. One of her hands is scraping lightly against the back of my neck, as the other is cautiously drawing patterns on the sides of my arms. Every point of contact between us has a warm feel to it. Her tongue is now tracing the outline of my lips, slowly dragging her trace on my lips, making my breath hitch.

    I slightly part my lips and her tongue starts roaming my mouth, my head is spinning by how gentle she is, how every touch is tender, and soft. I disconnect from our kiss, nothing on my mind but her, I kiss her behind her ear, gently kissing down her jaw line, keeping a slow pace, enjoying every second with her, her skin is addictive to me, her sweet perfume pulling me deeper in to her. I take my time, sucking gently on her neck, nipping at it a bit, and tracing her jaw line with my tongue, satisfied when I hear a little moan escape her mouth as she lightly shifts her head back, exposing her neck and giving me more access.

    Her hands are now squeezing my sides gently as ever, but enough to encourage me to unbutton two of the buttons on her onsie, exposing her collar bones to me. I sit on top of her, running my fingertips along her collar bones, up and down her neck. She opens her eyes and gives me a reassuring smile, I lean down and brush my lips along her collar bones, kissing and sucking gently. I open another button while never disconnecting my lips from her now heated body, her breathing becomes more labored. Lana del Ray is playing in the background, and the mood in the room changes in to intense, and lust is taking over the tenderness, but I keep my pace slow, once I found out this is the pace I could handle.

    I open yet another button, now reviling her pink lace bra. I sit up and search for her eyes, needing the reassurance once again. She props herself up on her elbows and bits her lips, nodding her head lightly. I open the remaining buttons, and slip her shirt off her and lay her back down to the bed. I take the time to run my hands down from her neck, across her collar bones, over her breasts, tracing the shape of her bra, feeling her shiver at my touch. I move down to her bruised ribs, she has been so brave about her injury, but her stomach looked like a grotesque painting. The blue, purple, yellow bruises mingling with the colorful christmas lights painting out a painful sight.

    I shift myself backwards, straddling her legs in between my thighs, and I place small gentle kisses over her stomach, covering her bruises with butterfly kisses, my hands lightly run up and down her entire torso. I could feel her shivering in delight, and I knew she was enjoying this because I could feel her hips buck up against my body ever so lightly. I moved myself back up her body and rested both my hands on top of her bra, gently squeezing my hands on her breasts, and lightly rubbing circles on them. At this she let out a moan that was more like a little growl that encouraged me to continue. I leaned down and started kissing, sucking and licking the outline of her pink bra, every once in a while teasingly inching my tongue deeper inside her bra.

    I could feel her nipples hardening beneath my touch, I switch my hands with my mouth and nip at her nipple through the bra, she lets out a moan and pulls me closer in to her, this sends a wave of heat down to my center and I started to feel my heart beat double its rate. I pulled her up to me and kissed her on her lips, sucking on her lower lips as her hands tangled in my hair, pulling my closer to her. My hands were tracing patterns up and down her almost bare back. I move down to kiss her shoulder and slide the strap of her bra down, nipping at her shoulder.

    I lean back and slide down the other strap, kissing her other shoulder and move over to her neck, sucking a bit more forcefully than before, and she shoots her head back and a low moan escapes her mouth once again. I keep sucking her neck while my hands move to the clasp of her bra, before opening I lean back and search her eyes for permission. She nods her head slowly, a small smile gracing her face. I get a bit nervous, but she licks her lips now, pushing away all my fears. I open her bra and toss it aside as I lay her down in to the bed.

    I’m straddling Xiao S, while she lays beneath me with her upper body exposed and bare, I feel the heat in between my legs, and the warm feeling in my cheeks, I look down at her body, mesmerized. I’ve never gone so far with anyone, and this was all new to me. I placed my hands over her breasts, feeling her body tense up in to my touch, a small whimper escape her mouth as I squeeze her supple breasts under my hands. Her back arches slightly in to my touch as I start rubbing my hands over her now hardening nipples. I lean down and kiss her in between her breasts, and I slowly inch my mouth towards her nipple.

    I swirl my tongue around her nipple, feeling her move underneath me, her breathing labored, her hands underneath my shirt pulling me closer in to her. Her breath hitched as I closed my lips around her nipple and started sucking on it gently, afraid not to hurt her, and flicking my tongue against her nub not so gently, driving her crazy. Her moans are getting louder and her hands are now tangled inside my hair while she pulls me closer to her. I move up her body, kissing up her neck, till I meet her wet lips. She crashes our lips together and her tongue slips in to my mouth without asking permission.

    Our tongues battle for dominance once again, my hand is rubbing against her nipple as she traces her hands up and down my bare back. I sit up, straddling her, I study her silhouette in the dim lights, her body glistening with sweat, as we both look at each other, breathing heavily, sweat drops dropping down my forehead, I suddenly realize how hot it is. Xiao S seems to be reading my mind as she reaches out to the bottom of my shirt and starts unbuttoning it. I don’t stop her as she opens up all my buttons and shimmers me shirt off of me. Her eyes examining my torso, and I try my best to even out my breathing.

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    • guest

      ……need some pills?

    • dsdsdfsd

      lol did you really type all that?

    • guest

      get a life

    • 為什麼

      great news douchebag for you can also write a book of your own now! unfortunately your fans are only the pervert ones slash sex addict! seems like u spent most of your time in stoned (marijuana) got to ask someone to bring u to rehab for its not too late yet cause everybody deserves a second chance, but when they exceed the number of 2 times, thats when the word pervert comes in…amen take care

    • 為什麼

      if not maybe he is hallucinating as 黄子绞

    • fucku

      the fuck,creepy ass prick

  • dffsfdsfd

    Man I’m such a nerd. When I saw today’s topic I’m literally like YESSSSSS

    • rock on

      Good for you, nerds are awesome…

  • Emanon

    希望以後能長做這個單元然後介紹更多有趣的書 漫畫也可以啊 哈哈

  • MAN


    • hihi

      班杰輸了 哈哈

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      • hihi

        我摸過 是真的

        • guest

          我舔過 滿小的

          • guest

            Anonymity brings out the scumbags.

        • 1111111


  • hallie

    Fifty shades of grey has a good story line to it, but it’s really badly written though

  • Jaclyn

    这集不错,有新意!意外的好看 哈哈

  • sean

    What’s the book recommended by Da Ya? Is there any English version? Thank you very much.

    • Xx

      Before I Go To Sleep. It’s been adapted into a movie too (releasing next year?), starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth.

      • sean

        I watched the trailer yesterday, something called railway man? Thanks by the way! Gonna get that book soon!

    • Grace

      Before I go to Sleeo by S.J Watson.

    • derevoli

      50 shades of grey

  • ma


  • ww

    最近看了厲陰宅 一直看到班傑

  • SJ

    I hope this one will be good

  • superyogafan


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