第22屆金曲獎頒獎典禮 2011-06-18

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  • 馬英九跟杰伦特別多講了幾句話也 

  • Guest


  • Jeanxicat

    What’s wrong with Amei today? >< Sounds like she's sick or something….

  • Cecilia_1218


  • 345345

    WTF A-LIN DIDN’T WIN? That is so fricken ridiculous. A-lin is one of the best female singers in Taiwan. Judges need to open their ears -_-

  • Nobody

    love alin! she sings so well! so touching! OMG

  • Pattym0907

    好希望嚴爵是唱 謝謝你的美好. 但是還是很棒 ! 

  • 11111111111

    Christy Cheong

  • Catherine Tan

    i don think theres anything wrong with jay’s singing, hes very good too. hes just different type to what normal people will see as ”good”, like zhang hui mei or JJ. its not like he cant sing live or break his voice or what. he has his style + he is a legend. so he should get the award!

  • Catherine T

    ahlin is such a good singer, i hope she gets the chance to win best female award soon. 🙂

  • Guest

    周杰倫的歌曲大部分都寫得不錯, 但是唱功真的不怎麼樣.

  • Noone

    bao xiao song, is he the one who is judge for astro singing competition? or its his brother? that singing competition has some collusion. so is he fair in this award? certainly hope so.

  • so

    yeaaaa…karen mok should not have gotten that prize == even tho we went to the same school i dont really support her..she’s the next person who didnt deserve that prize the first is hocc HAHAHA

  • Guest

    A-Lin 好强

  • Catherine Tan

    wth jay didn win best composer award? 🙁 why?!?!?! how can they judge based on ONE SONG when most of jay’s songs are awesome! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    so… A-Lin lost to Karen Mok? Really?

  • guest

    random, but patty hou’s english is rly good!  i’ve just gotten to know her work recently, so i didn’t really know till now.

    • Heha

      she graduated from USC.

  • Silvermoon


    • yes

      couldn’t agree more

    • xanox

      You can’t judge an artist by his voice. He was born with it. Sure, his singing techniques need some improvements. But you can’t not give an artist a recognition because his voice is “bad”. Besides, there are other singers out there who don’t do as much as Jay Chou and still receive many awards. 

      However, This year’s best male singer should’ve went to JJ Lin. 

  • truemusic

    Wilber Pan’s performance is the best!!!

  • ppp

    wtf is with the politicians… such a waste of time.

    • Ptc417

      lol you don’t see obama attending the Oscars and such other awards.

    • Heha

      reelection next year!! haha they need all the publicity they can get. especially to the young voters

    • Nanchengchen

      it’s a great honor and shows goverment’s support in the music industry. Why think negatively?

    • LOL

      it is waste of time, especially for the watchers…but hey, he wants to get more publicity so that on the next election, young people can remember him..so is to his benefit, no us..unless he really does something that is benefit to us..

    • XD

      btw, he shacked hands to everyone he passed by…really looks like election night..

  • D:

    Oh man, i feel really sad for JJ. When the announcer said, “J!” I think he must have really thought it’s him D:

    • Heha

      just give this guy the best male singer already..  just what else he needs to prove to get it.  

  • guest


  • ellaw

    neither did JJ 🙁

  • 没有红地毯?

  • jackass

    喜歡與不喜歡完全是個人主觀意識 每個獎項只能有一個得主 按照Aaa的說法 幾乎人人有獎才算是正確 好的音樂無分大小眾 金曲獎不是只頒給你所謂的現代流行音樂 而是在此一年內的創新音樂都被涵括 我們所聽到的只有一部分而評審必須聽全部 對於沒有聽過的怎能就說它不好呢

    • Mmsuncarol


      • Nc4

        就像Jackass說的, 只要是好的音樂都應該被肯定! 金曲獎除了反映大眾喜好以外, 同時也有教育聽眾的責任。台灣音樂因此才能變的更多元,更富有。

  • Aaa

    我只能說…. 評審耳多有問題… 該換點年輕的評審.. A-Lin, JJ, 還有 SHE 沒有得?? -___-  還有.. 李宗盛@縱貫線 給自己的歌 不可能是現代流行音樂… 根本來沒在電台聽過 還較流行? 居然可以得 最佳編曲獎..那JJ編的曲哩???

  • Belieber ;)

    No one thanked the fans. 

  • Philip lim

    吴+侯 是2011以後的最佳綜藝節目主持人….ALWAYS SUPPORT them FOREVER~

  • 可惜 棉花糖。。遗珠。。。

  • apau

    A-Lin唱慢慢等唱得好好听哦!唱到最后一首虽然有一点力不足可是还是很感动!棒死了!!& 好喜欢韋禮安!!气质好好o!!!

  • Guest

    A-Lin rocks!! Amazing performance!!

  • Akb48

    wish there was hd for this

  • Peacex

    wohoo to weibird! 🙂
    absolutely disappointing that SHE didnt win best album (da mouth?!! =/)

    • b.b.

      It probably hinged on their most well known songs.

    • ToHebe

      yea!! totally absurd S.H.E another 遗珠 again….

  • Akb48

    吳跟侯是要去喪禮阿 穿那麼黑

  • Friends

    Chang is not that bad.

  • xanox

    too bad it’s their problems that they can’t sing live. Most of Taiwanese singers can and do… and that’s really all it matters. 

  • Adjhgh

    韋禮安很厲害 很穩!
    很高興他得獎 (:

  • Bou


  • Guest


  • Zhixuan17

    Zhang hong liang worst part at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF wrong with him?!

  • melody

    嚴爵今天好像……有失水準 是太緊張嗎 也不用把節奏弄的那麼快吧 感覺是一個比較草率的表演 結束的又很快 

    • ………


      • melody

        當然知道是故意加速的啊 可是節奏沒有掌握的很好 顯的很趕 不是那種胸有成竹的快 聽起來氣都快沒了 = =

  • Febanonymous2011

    Really BS for the best Female singer….shouldn’t it be Lin Fan?????

  • Roc1125


  • Pplbs


  • RL


  • kel

    Wtf happened to Zhang Hong liang???

    • Blissfultune

      Whoever is zhang hong liang??

  • 微笑

    金曲魔咒好像对周杰倫没影响 =.=”

  • melody

    他可以拿每屆……都可以說是實至名歸 但是歌壇并不是只有他一個人而已 有很多有才華的人也需要肯定 他也許是一個天才 但地球也不是繞他一個人轉 希望他可不可以不要再報金曲獎了 他很清楚自己的實力 不需要這些虛名了 

    • Capri

       周杰倫的實力是有目共睹的 每一個人都肯定他的實力 但就像江蕙二姐一樣 把機會讓給更多的人 讓更多有才華的人可以被聽見 比起拿一堆獎項 還值得

  • Jaychou2011

    Jay Chou FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAY CHOU ROCK

  • Can see that JJ Lin is disappointed that he didnt win 🙁

  • choco


    • hohin3425


  • Csao

    周杰倫 今年的金曲獎拿的當之無愧 實至名歸

  • aiSL.

    disappointed that lee hom didn’t win anything 🙁

  • Gordonchung91


  • LOL

    Lol, akb48…worst performance of all…why can’t they let real talented singers sing?

  • Love Love

    DAVID TAO!!!!

  • Show
  • 睿捷 黃


  • 周杰倫今年拿的金曲獎..受之有愧…

  • Yeah!!! Wenxing get awards le!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much, you are so fast!!!

  • Hohin3425


    • Hohin3425


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