超級星光大道 2010-04-30 積分賽I 第7名決定賽

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Tipster Rednimer
  • [YT] 小胖如果唱鄧麗君的歌曲,不知效果如何呢?

  • [YT] Roger is a bit naggy sometimes 😛

  • [YT] @altocirrus
    I see Su’s efforts and hardworking in this contest, she improved from 1 singing style/tone to more varieties, and challenged herself in unfamiliar areas.
    As for personalty, many artists were not born as outgoing person, they get trained to become better. And still some singers keep their introvert personalty, but as long as they can touch people’s heart, they are attractive.
    At the age of 17, I am surprised about her ability to bear the long term pressure during the contest.

  • [YT] @altocirrus
    i think u probably misunderstand what Su said about the 2nd song. What she meant was when she sang the 2nd song she didn’t want to be influenced by the 1st song’s low score, so she freed herself in the 2nd song, which made herself out of control. She tried hard, but just b/c of lack of experience and control, she didn’t do well on the 2nd song, which is also a very challenge songs picked by judges.

  • [YT] @kittencat1983 哈哈,別激動~我也很喜歡她

  • [YT] @jykstock Lin’s errors in pronunciation are common for Taiwan learners of English. I am an American and have been teaching English in Taiwan for 15 years, so I am familiar with these mistakes. In everyday conversation these mistakes are unimportant. For a rising star like Lin, who has international appeal, these mistakes must be corrected. I am confident he can improve his pronunciation, but first he must become aware of the mistakes. I don’t think anyone is helping him in this area.

  • [YT] 歌是難唱,但是張仕堂不穩定.

  • [YT] 怎麽覺得dudu從上次開始聲音就沒有以前穩定了?以前她的聲音絕對不會漂的,這兩場明顯有很多音不完全准。還有就是我覺得她以前的聲音雖然有點啞啞的,但沒有現在那麽沙。是不是唱太多了有點傷到嗓子了?

  • [YT] I must say they’ve assigned 張士堂 with a very difficult song. Not many singers are suited for R&B and the judges still gave him that song knowing it might end up in a disaster…

  • [YT] Remember Su, it’s not only good voice that makes you a star, it also takes personality, effort, hardwork, and luck, but it seems you don’t have the first three mentioned, you’re not the only one who has good voice!

  • [YT] I don’t like Su’s personality for sure, she couldn’t bear the pressure and what it takes to be a star, she rarely smiles and even if she does, you can see the bitterness, althou she’s not the underdog but she just couldn’t bear with it.
    The most dissapointment is that she let go the second performance for the reason that she got the lowest score in the first one therefore she LET IT GO instead of keep trying to do the best, what a loser!

  • [YT] the trio can make it this far because it’s power of THREE not one like other contestants, which I think it’s unfair to include a trio while the others are solo, and now the Judges are SMART enuf to implement some experiments for them and discovered that their solo skills suck big time!

  • [YT] 凯,谢谢

  • [YT] this girl arr, wants to be like Gary, and Gary sings with 101% emotion, and this girl just sang it so flat, the only good part was the ending, but it’s all too late!

  • [YT] @nofeetseagull
    那里不用假音的话, 整首歌就会淡了la
    当然 邊 假音那里唱得不好la … 后面完全不够气lol …

  • [YT] 边的声音有点象平井坚!!!

  • [YT] 胡夏跟三帥本來是一個團體 (就是風雲幫)
    是王偉忠 (星光的製作人) 叫胡夏單飛, 他們三個組成團體來比賽的

  • [YT] 应该不会有内定. 否则三帥不会20分和13分.

  • [YT] 不知有没有前十强敗部复活赛象前几班那样. 应该不会有.都已积分赛了.苏太可惜没进前3名. 我觉得苏与dudu的声音魅力不相上下. 但苏不常有笑脸( 不讨喜).

  • [YT] @roshan1017 i agree with u…

  • [YT] 胡夏看上去不象1.81.象1.75米左右. 有的人就是不显个. 可能他还是个小孩脸. Jerry Yan 1.80米, 但他看上去比胡夏高得多. 是不是?

  • [YT] 本来以为蘇会进第三或第四. 喜欢她的声音. 可惜了.

  • [YT] 很想听听三帅的单独演唱.

  • [YT] 很喜欢少帥. 哭也可爱, 笑也可爱. 声音也好听.太帥了. 加油! 争取前4名.

  • [YT] 袁惟仁 和 黃韻玲給分太主觀了-________-‘


  • [YT] OMG!! Jack!! My memories are all back!! TAITANIC!!

  • [YT] 這首歌也太適合胡夏了ㄅ…^^好聽!!

  • [YT] 我覺得挺不賴的阿…

  • [YT] 挖哩咧 張士堂是在唱什麼碗糕???

  • [YT] 梁文因唱的版本比較好聽!!!推!!!

  • [YT] @chienkai0208 請尊重還在看的人的心情好嗎?講出結局算什麼阿!!!沒品!!!

  • [YT] 他們不是團體這件事情不是很早以前就講過了嗎? 它們是因為在大陸參加比賽認識的阿…???

  • [YT] 好聽好聽…

  • [YT] 討厭林志炫…always show off!! kackii guy!!

  • [YT] 那舞蹈員都會加分…奇怪…怎樣又是邊品憲呢?

  • [YT] 張士堂, 邊品憲, 三帥都唱得比蘇芷妤差很多, 還是有內定吧….

  • [YT] 評判害死蘇芷妤,,,

  • [YT] @MrJimmyJimmy2010
    Maybe you’re right, “the” sound “duh”, I watch his mouth, he has sang this “the” sound, but his Tongue seems too short , ha…

  • [YT] 他的高音不到位…比蘇芷妤差好多, 評審一直都有點偏他, 怪

  • [YT] @MrJimmyJimmy2010
    I Know some American English is not same English. maybe that is your problem, right?
    ex: Apple, I know someone say “e”pple, someone say “a”pple. which is right?

  • [YT] jian ning always give low marks. it isnt her fault by being too young. she was being given the song.

  • [YT] 穩 ! 有特色 聲音! 可以出唱片了

  • [YT] 小胖記得你說過希望可以成為下一個Pual Potts, 努力去實現自已的理想吧! 支持你!

  • [YT] 好像在1:52秒那裡走音了…我比較看好杜杜, 但冠軍應該不出他們2人了

  • [YT] 我最喜歡dudu了,加油耶!

  • [YT] 不趕相信一直在強調選手未來性的超級偶像會把他淘汰…
    I cannot believe that the super idol which always emphasize the future development of competitors would eliminate him….

  • [YT] 小胖 is so cute

  • [YT] 蘇芷妤一開始的照型好好看喔

  • [YT] OHMYGOD! Too nice!! i got goosebumps listening to this.. touching 😀

  • [YT] OHMYGOD! Too nice!! i got goosebumps listening to this.. touching 😀

  • [YT] @BabyPunyTiny Sorry, but Lin’s pronunciation isn’t perfect. When he sings “I believe that the heart does go on” his ‘the’ sounds like ‘duh’, and he fails to give enough stress to the ‘d’ sound in the word ‘does’. I only mention this because I am a fan and think he’s a brilliant artist. But, this is correctable with a language coach.

  • [YT] 最好他的偶像是小胖,有需要這樣演嗎?

  • [YT] I LIKE IT

  • [YT] this guy is going to be a pimp. 加油

  • [YT] ㄜ…

  • [YT] ㄜ…

  • [YT] fantastic.

  • [YT] fantastic.

  • [YT] he’s voice sound’s like woman XD

  • [YT] he’s voice sound’s like woman XD

  • [YT] 下周没有苏芷妤了, 也没有黄伟晋~~ ~~

  • [YT] 下周没有苏芷妤了, 也没有黄伟晋~~ ~~

  • [YT] 這次胡夏唱出了冠軍相,這首歌唱得蠻感人的…

  • [YT] 這次胡夏唱出了冠軍相,這首歌唱得蠻感人的…

  • [YT] 苏芷妤始终是我的前三名, 无论今天的结果如何!! 从初选, 张宇就知道她是一块璞玉! 今天她的离开, 并不代表她的失败, 我相信她会有更好的未来!! 今天她的表现是不如理想, 她输在她的年轻, 她的抗压力, 可能她并不适合比赛~ 始终她是独特的!! 她才17岁, 我17岁的时候还不知道在干嘛, 还不知道什么叫梦想呢!! 所以, 芷妤, 加油!!! 向你的梦想出发!! 你很棒!!

  • [YT] 苏芷妤始终是我的前三名, 无论今天的结果如何!! 从初选, 张宇就知道她是一块璞玉! 今天她的离开, 并不代表她的失败, 我相信她会有更好的未来!! 今天她的表现是不如理想, 她输在她的年轻, 她的抗压力, 可能她并不适合比赛~ 始终她是独特的!! 她才17岁, 我17岁的时候还不知道在干嘛, 还不知道什么叫梦想呢!! 所以, 芷妤, 加油!!! 向你的梦想出发!! 你很棒!!

  • [YT] 哭

  • [YT] 哭

  • [YT] 哇~~ 觉得杜杜今天这首唱得不错耶!

  • [YT] well, 评审都给边边鼓励分, 因为这首歌很难, 为什么没有人要给苏芷妤鼓励分? 很不公平!!

  • [YT] 南方人的口音很软,胡夏的父母估计是北方人,南宁土著的口音不是这样的,因为国语不是南宁人的第一语言。

  • [YT] does not sound all that great…

  • [YT] 唉~~ 评审们给苏芷妤这首歌还真的很不适合她啊, 何况, 王菲的歌谁能唱的好啊!~ 也太难了吧~ 而且我觉得苏芷妤今天真的很不对劲, 都没有发挥自己的优点, 从初选到现在, 她都是我心目中星光六的前三名, 太可惜了啦!! 加油!!!

  • [YT] 啊? 不至于这么低吧, 我觉得还可以啊, 比以前他们初选的时候我觉得好多了…..

  • [YT] 三帅跟胡夏原来是一起的,他们那个组合还有一个队长,不过没一起来。

  • [YT] @chienkai0208

    出雷文啊 別人還在看欸

  • [YT] 黃 and 三帥 should have been gone long long ago

  • [YT] “我覺得你太年輕了”
    啊 這是DuDu的錯嗎? 評審指定的欸

  • [YT] 差一分…

  • [YT] i felt that performance lasted like five minutes
    in fact it was only like three minutes

  • [YT] dont know what to say about his performance

  • [YT] 黃幾乎整首歌都用假音唱…

  • [YT] 胡夏跟杜華瑾比

  • [YT] 邊品憲 跟 胡夏應該是比較有機會的
    依過去幾屆來看 冠軍都是唱抒情的比較多

  • [YT] Su, 比赛成绩不会决定你的未来, 一直都觉得你的声音真的很好听, 加油咯~

  • [YT] isn’t ryan a guy’s name?

  • [YT] 李廣博穿的那件大衣

  • [YT] 比較喜歡堂堂今天的表演
    之前都用演的唱 感覺太假
    給兩分太誇張吧 至少三分..

  • [YT] 前面都有点听不下去, 最后副歌还好~ 这个不是她的歌路啊, 大挑战~

  • [YT] 黃的假音真讓人抓狂…
    星光告訴每個評審的給分 這樣不錯

  • [YT] dudu好像香港明星【薛海琪】。。

  • [YT] 黃郁善和三个东北人,我最讨厌。。。

  • [YT] i can’t believe he can’t speak good english when he sings, each pronounciation was perfect! far better than most chinese…

  • [YT] 還是不喜歡三帥, 感覺還是互相掩護互相的不足, 對一人作戰的還是會比較不公平



  • [YT] 我覺得有搖滾跟創新的精神,但是這首歌本身就很有態度了,加上王菲的獨創性太強了
    他的咬字或是唱腔都很有自己的一套,這首歌so so ~~

  • [YT] 我喜歡黃郁善

  • [YT] 技壓全場,沒話說。

  • [YT] 真的太棒了!!已經比Celine Dion還更深情了!!


  • [YT] 他 !!

  • [YT] 其實小胖不需要用到最高音 因為小胖是個男生在唱歌 聽這首歌 如果故意蒙著眼睛 用耳朵認真聽 不會感到是個男生在唱這首歌呢 很細緻 非常入微
    Just wonderful. 加油哦 小胖

  • [YT] 好佩服林志炫可以勇敢發言自己的想法

  • [YT] 是影片問題嗎?

  • [YT] she can really do better…. she just didnt do her best here in xing guang… in other competition, u can see how well she can sing… lots of pressure in this competition, i think this will help her grow too. although #7 is not bad.. but i hope to listen to her more.

  • [YT] @Anitdragonhin

  • [YT] 小胖唱的愈來愈好了~~~真棒

  • [YT] 確實很棒, 但有點Celine Dion的影子.

  • [YT] i’ll always support su zhi yu,love her so much…su zhi yu..u are the champion on my mind!!

  • [YT] 黄郁善 voice is really irritating… i wonder why is she in top 7!!!

  • [YT] 陶子今天很漂亮!

  • [YT] #7 is also good!

  • [YT] 难度超高的歌。

  • [YT] 胡夏好可愛!

  • [YT] 越來越不喜歡黃,太矯情了

  • [YT] 邊邊唱得不錯呀 只是為何挑這首歌 實在不好唱

  • [YT] 郁善,很喜欢你的演绎。

  • [YT] 黃郁善這樣雙手抓著麥克風唱, 真是做作, 不想再看 …

  • [YT] 我觉得边边唱得很好听, 18分太低了…..

  • [YT] 邊品憲不用那麼多鼻腔的聲音舒服很多..

  • [YT] 可能降key,,,用玉置浩二原唱的key比較適合dudu發揮

  • [YT] 02:03 “說散你想很久了吧”

  • [YT] 真假音轉換的大考驗

  • [YT] 張士堂,唱得我真的覺得很普通。

  • [YT] 張士堂,唱得我真的覺得很普通。

  • [YT] 多失敗的組合

  • [YT] 多失敗的組合

  • [YT] 不喜歡黃郁善和張士堂 兩人讓人感覺有點驕傲

  • [YT] 4:24,,,,,虧黃小姐還裝出很enjoy,,,

  • [YT] 4:24,,,,,虧黃小姐還裝出很enjoy,,,

  • [YT] 蘇芷妤還有很多機會的,

  • [YT] 我覺得杜杜唱得超好聽耶,

  • [YT] @hat111444 I dun agree

  • [YT] @alfchong agree
    she has really unique style
    support her!

  • [YT] 能開心一點點去唱嗎?

  • [YT] 能開心一點點去唱嗎?

  • [YT] @ThePAPL that’s his freedom
    there will be no creativity if music need to be confined in certain standards

  • [YT] 點會咁低分呀?

  • [YT] 只能說等級差太多了.這已經不是同一個級別了!!

  • [YT] 今天的和音差很多,,,技窮了嗎?

  • [YT] 評審選歌很用心,要適合每個人

  • [YT] 平淡如水的感覺,,,,,,

  • [YT] 多方面嘗試是好的,有新鮮感,

  • [YT] 黃很活在自己的世界的感覺~

  • [YT] \M/ man

  • [YT] 胡夏跟杜杜都很有冠軍像~可是

  • [YT] well, at least she’s number 7! not too bad!

  • [YT] dudu♥

  • [YT] 整集下来,只有林育群的歌几乎完全跳过,还有张士堂的指定曲。挺一下黄育善,至少她能引我去听萨顶顶的天地合~~

  • [YT] 我觉得很公平啊,我也觉得苏的声音很好,很好听

  • [YT] 不太喜欢她啊~

  • [YT] i♥dudu! … Sing so nice!

  • [YT] 好感動,小胖加油你會更棒哦…

  • [YT] 裡面最欣賞黃郁善

  • [YT] 真的很棒!又更進一步了,差點掉眼淚!

  • [YT] 我喜歡這種類型的歌,dudu講故事的能力和胡夏又不太一樣,我還蠻想聽聽看胡夏還是小鈴老師或志炫老師來全是這首歌。


  • [YT] 黄小姐怎么唱得怪怪的。。。

  • [YT] 有歌手的樣子,而且歌的起承轉合很動人

  • [YT] 聽林志炫老師唱的我都要哭了,那才是真正的有口氣阿

  • [YT] @vincentfa 不懂英文硬要扣撂英文 草枝擺

  • [YT] REally like he’s voice. HAve liked him from the start. 加油

  • [YT] 3帅本来就属于同一个团体

  • [YT] @isen112408
    luv them both~~~~
    that kinda voice really kills me~~~~

    OF COURSE!!!!!!!
    luv jam forever~~~

  • [YT] 蘇芷妤…應該是星光歷屆來,最年輕的前七強吧…(忘了第一屆的小弟弟名次)

  • [YT] Arrrrr… this big boi NEEDS a new hair cut! He looks terrible with this hair style. It makes him look like a nerb.. and what’s worst is that he’s got this high-pitch voice that is more “scary” than “enjoyable” to listen to.

  • [YT] everytime when I see 黄郁善, I want to fuck her up man, this is a really nice song, the way she sing, just 鬼! she should got kick out of long time!

  • [YT] I like want to cry! I feel him, all the people inside I think he the best , maybe not the best of the best, but I love him ^-^

  • [YT] 我覺得她最厲害的地方在於不管唱什麼歌都能唱進聽眾的心坎裡

  • [YT] 我喜歡這種唱法

  • [YT] 第一句的偏心岔音岔得好令人心碎喔 超贊的快哭了

  • [YT] 喜歡黃郁善的特別

  • [YT] 杜華瑾唱得好有感情,尤其是最後一句friend~~ 好悲傷喔!

  • [YT] 我很喜歡張士堂的唱歌口氣。我是沒有聽過潘裕文唱得怎樣,不過我覺得張士堂唱得很有感覺。

  • [YT] 小胖的演唱”My heart will go on” 讓我哭紅了眼!!

  • [YT] @chonghqh 她的聲音蠻有古典味道!
    不覺得刺耳呀 ~

  • [YT] @jacklzhj 更加值得鼓勵!!!

  • [YT] taozi is always the best host!

  • [YT] 形式大於內容,本末倒置!!!!

  • [YT] I LIKE.

  • [YT] 一開始百人初選就最喜歡蘇芷妤的聲音~每次都期待聽她唱歌~這一集被淘汰~害我心情很不好~有點沒有想再看下去的欲望~冠軍賽沒有蘇芷妤~覺得很遺憾~不期待冠軍賽的結果~

  • [YT] 我要看胡夏和堂堂!!!

  • [YT] 黃諭善唱完美特務蠻好聽的也~~dodo把喉嚨唱壞了@@ 難怪他感覺有病在身

  • [YT] @jibikao Exactly, Judges want to see how well can the contestants do when they’re out of their comfort zone. It’s hard, but it’s a must for them to improve.

  • [YT] 胡夏这首歌可以唱好的,结果唱得一般般,有点失望了。

  • [YT] 我覺得胡夏是冠軍!

  • [YT] Following his heart and listening to judge’s suggestion is different. He can’t take criticism. He was VERY bad on that song.

  • [YT] 张云京好好多!!!

  • [YT] 张云京好好多!!!

  • [YT] My heart will go on. Lin’s song touching me again. he’s awesome. I ‘m so proud of u. Keep it up.

  • [YT] o Soo is next…:(

  • [YT] he is next to go

  • [YT] 士別三日, 刮目相看

  • [YT] 我覺得他的情感有進步. 好聽!

  • [YT] 超級小胖 強~

  • [YT] 蘇芷妤加油! 我們從國外看妳,妳是一塊璞玉,假以時日,終究要大放光采的。苦練固然重要,但缺少妳的天賦是走不遠,沒辦法突破的。看得出妳的失常,來自評審給妳的壓力,主觀的以妳年輕,沒有他們自身的人生歷練來否定妳。希望今後評審們今後不要過度借題發揮,否則好像有一點顧影自憐,又有一點炫耀自己,誰在內心深處沒有一兩段呢?

  • [YT] 高雄人 驕傲啦

  • [YT] 胡夏好好笑

  • [YT] 胡夏, 加油!你唱的歌真好听!

  • [YT] dudu 是我心目的冠军!!!

  • [YT] dunno wad the judges doing!!! argh

  • [YT] 聽過潘裕文的版本 就會覺得張士堂唱得很一般

  • [YT] this song is so cute sang by him!

  • [YT] @jibikao love huang too.. she stands out

  • [YT] 8:22 帅!

  • [YT] @chonghqh 哈哈他很可愛阿

  • [YT] Su is such a cool kid…very intelligent for a 17yo girl

  • [YT] my heart will go on, 太好了

  • [YT] 前面收得有點不自然耶

  • [YT] i like her voice

  • [YT] 胡夏很可愛

  • [YT] dudu 很棒!

  • [YT] 郁善proforms very well this round

  • [YT] 有不夠氣

  • [YT] 郁善you are fantastical!!!!!You are special… cant compare to Faye yet but she has enourmous potential!!!!!!!!!love her

  • [YT] 期待快歌

  • [YT] 无敌!

  • [YT] 好聽!加油!

  • [YT] 什麼東西嘛!! 蘇怎麼可能會被淘汰啦!!

  • [YT] 我不想看超級星光大道了。怎么会苏第7名? 眼瞎了!为何不见他们讲她只有17岁还能唱到这样而给她多一点分?待遇很不一样。

  • [YT] 我倒覺的黃的歌聲很特別~

  • [YT] @cssmylove
    我覺得兩個唱的 有不一樣的感覺

  • [YT] 從自已的地方到台灣來比,不容易呀~!

  • [YT] I like Jian Ning teacher and Roger!!
    Lin Zhi Xuan is suck!!!! He is pointless!!!

  • [YT] 這班幾個大陸的來選手都唱的好好~

  • [YT] 堂堂的頭髮很像花輪! 感覺他也許是今天的第七名吧~

  • [YT] 我倒覺的她唱的很特別!

  • [YT] Su: I love you and your voice a lot~!!
    Support u 4everrrrrr~~!!! ^_^

    ps: please don’t cry~ breaks my heart ='(

  • [YT] Watched this part like 7 times…at least!!! hehehe
    Xiao Pang is still awesome!! Proud of ya, dude!!! Keep it up!

  • [YT] 還好LADY GAGA沒有參加新光大道

    我覺得LADY GAGA更怪!但i love it

  • [YT] that was damn good!go bryan!

  • [YT] 她是在跟麥克風吞吻嗎 ? lol

  • [YT] 唱的不错~~

  • [YT] 蘇的聲音很好聽!!!!!!

  • [YT] I admire his mind that he does things because he wants to, not because he wants to win. He just follows his heart.

  • [YT] @alfchong agree!!! jiayou ryan!!

  • [YT] Seriously, i agree with you jibikao. Top 6 is what I expected minus huang yu shan. I guess i could do w/o 3 shuai also but yu shan needs to go ASAP

  • [YT] 黃郁善好像鬼喔 暈死

  • [YT] Jay Chou is such an AMAZING singer and songwriter! My favorite =) Im’ glad the judges picked one of his songs

  • [YT] 其實胡夏是很搞笑的人, 又孩子氣. 哈哈.

  • [YT] Solute to 郁善! She’s a true warrior in 星光 6. Really appreciate her strong 自信. She’s been discouraged by fatty and 黃大煒 a couple but still survive.

  • [YT] he should’ve gotten higher! what the hell

  • [YT] sorry but i kinda sick of this fellow already

  • [YT] 張士堂好帥!!

  • [YT] wow they’re are such cry babies…. must go

  • [YT] 对不起, 不会欣赏黄郁善的声音, 感觉刺耳!! 千遍一律~ 都用假音在唱!!

  • [YT] 18分太低了~唱得很好!!

  • [YT] 有自信也錯了?!我不懂~黃郁善的路線就是如此~為什麼要因為別人而改變!!有自己的想法最重要…..一昧的隨波逐流….

  • [YT] 她来听我的演唱会, 是我很喜欢的一首歌, 我觉得那种讲一个女人一生的故事的意境很美, 胡夏今天表现的也很好, 我有感觉到那个故事.

  • [YT] i can’t stand her! she shoud’ve left a long time ago! made other BETTER people live. ridiculous

  • [YT] I like 郁善’s singing! Her voice is great. She is fully of courage and creativity! She just doesn’t bother to sing it that normally! Whatever this is a competition, but it’s also a game. Just do it the way you like, as long as you enjoy it. I can feel that she is confident, and she enjoys every moment, no matter what the judges say. I like her voice, and I like her!

  • [YT] 我觉得边边唱得很好听啊!!

  • [YT] 棒呆了~~有专业的水准啊~~

  • [YT] I like Yu Shan’s singing!

  • [YT] 啊~ 怎么办? 我超爱苏芷妤, 我觉得她唱得真的很好, 可是今天真的表现不理想… 其实我最喜欢她的表演是初选的时候唱曹格的掌纹, 超好听!! 为什么到比赛的后来却越来越没有感觉了呢~ 苏芷妤, 你很棒的啊! 要相信自己, 支持你!!

  • [YT] Su’s voice is very unique. I think she will excel better in the future. The exit is only a beginning. Wish to hear from her again very soon!

  • [YT] @jibikao
    Yes, Fang Wen San’s lyrics are brilliant but so very difficult to memorize. lols @ Hu Xia saying he’s not that enthralled with the lyrics, I wouldn’t be either.

  • [YT] 哈哈… 原来少帅之前几次都一直傻笑是这个原因啊!!

  • [YT] 模仿秀 !!! 蕭敬騰唱的很好.

  • [YT] 虽说林志旋讲评时话很多,有时候太多, 但是无可否认的是, 他真的很用心在听参赛者, 很用心的在纠正, 每次我看见他在听的时候都在努力的做笔记, 而且, 他真的唱得不错….

  • [YT] never have i thought that xiao pang voice so good…. this song seems to be written for terry lin… of coz.. tang tang sounds great too… good performance!

  • [YT] Tang talks too arrogant after the end of his song…. “i love to do whatever i want”!!!

  • [YT] don’t like her way of singing, comes across to be as arrogance and not confidence. and also can tell she’s trying too hard to please everyone and ends up spoiling the original song…

  • [YT] oh no…听到他们说dudu声音有问题我都想哭了…

  • [YT] Na Ying being one of my most beloved singers really made the song very distinctive, but I think Dudu did pretty well. Though I think Xiao Pang was a overboard in his evaluation, I do think Dudu could have picked a more fitting song to bring out her tone and style.

  • [YT] 小胖头发好少哦….哈哈..

  • [YT] 後~~真是夠了!!好好的一首經典歌曲…被黃郁善這聲音唱的還真不好聽!!每次到她唱歌我都快轉=.=

  • [YT] She @2:57 almost shallow the whole mic!?? disgusting gal !!! she like ice-cream I m sure. +)

  • [YT] wow they improved a lot! they must be receiving good teachings off the screen.

  • [YT] 我觉得她这首唱得比第一首好,分数该倒过来给

  • [YT] 加油,胡夏,你一定是冠军,放松最重要哦!!

  • [YT] The judges are good!

  • [YT] 我觉得边边这首歌唱得很好啊…

  • [YT] 支持~支持~支持胡夏!!!唱得太好了!!!

  • [YT] 从来就不喜欢黄郁善, 她太有自信, 变成了一种骄傲, 我不把她跟王菲比, 因为也没得比, 只是我不喜欢她所带给我的信息, 从初选到现在… 也听腻了她的声音, 看腻了她的舞台做风, 唉, 那只左手啊, 我眼都花了~

  • [YT] 拉小提琴的駱思云…是個正妹耶0.0 感覺上學音樂的女生,好多都很正又有氣質!!≧﹏≦

  • [YT] 黃郁善….不太欣賞她的歌聲…尤其他那個抖音~後~~真是夠了!!人家王菲的歌聲比她好聽千百萬倍!!~~還有…..他是一個很悶騷的女人~再怎麼裝…他還是悶騷!!

  • [YT] I like Su’s voice, but there seems to be too many androgynous newcomers in the last several years, in various singing competitions, that I’m finding it hard to differentiate between all of them…Li Yu Chun, Jade Liu, Zhang Yun Jing, and now Su Zi Yu. Perhaps I need bigger personalities like Ella in order to bypass retain attention.

  • [YT] Su Zi Yu is one of my faves aside from Hu Xia. She has such a unique voice and will definitely do well in the music industry! Pls get in top 6 PLS!!!!

  • [YT] i think 3 shuai would never have made it so far if they entered the competition individually. not unique enough.

  • [YT] 高音有點像蕭敬騰的音色

  • [YT] 18 to 19 pts ,

  • [YT] the judges judge the jay chow songs as though it is super hard and the contestants are passing only but faye wong’s songs are just as hard, and su cannot pass…..

  • [YT] 女生比较吃亏因为不能扮可爱还要一直镖高音。。。not easy…

  • [YT] 林志炫唱得好好,果然是實力派的!!!

  • [YT] 少帥也太可愛了吧 ~

  • [YT] @jibikao
    I think the low popularity may be that he seems a little over-dramatic when he sings.

    I’m surprised the Trio has such low popularity so far – I would’ve thought the audiences find them attractive, entertaining, and hard-working.

  • [YT] 不會欣賞黃郁善的歌聲,感覺很做作…高音尤其刺耳…

  • [YT] @jibikao
    I think so too. She’s not as personable as some other contestants, but she’s bold in her music selections, diverse in her styles, and there is evident effort to progress/step out of the box. I give her kudos for that.

    She’s not going to be easily accepted in main stream music, but she adds new viewpoints – which I like.

  • [YT] 我鸡皮已经起来了….

  • [YT] 苏赶快留回原来的发型啦

  • [YT] 不錯喔!!!

  • [YT] @jibikao i knO!!! i want her to be in top 6 too!!! wth…this song is quite hard to sing…sad sad sad…

  • [YT] 唱得比张云京好多了

  • [YT] support ryan! maybe shes too nervous…but she really got a good voice~

  • [YT] 我覺得陶子姐今天很漂亮^^

  • [YT] @jacklzhj 曾经一起唱过,但不是合声

  • [YT] The Top 6 is pretty much close to what I imagined. The only one that kinda surprises me is Huang. I like her too but you either like her or hate her. Hey, at least she stands out!

  • [YT] 胡夏好可愛, 好喜歡他 =)

  • [YT] @angie521 yeah.. I am surprised they say she may have hurt her vocal chord. Her voice sounds good the past few weeks. I just know the song she picked is pretty high. She may have stress her vocal chord too much.

  • [YT] 這個人頭腦有問題吧 吸大麻吸太多了….

  • [YT] Honestly Terry Lin rules!!!it’s sooooo beautiful!!

  • [YT] @cadex77 r u serious? Terry Lin himself is a great singer, u’ve never heard of him?

  • [YT] i hope she is number 7. cant stand her anymore.

  • [YT] 好听!!胡夏。。但是音破了。。

  • [YT] I can tell the echo in the mic is much louder… but he did well. He is not my cup of tea but it’s his dream and he is Taiwanese. I support him in USA! Go fattie!

  • [YT] 跟之前的康康一个路数的 靠出奇招,但是好像没康康基本扎实,没康康稳

  • [YT] Du Du’s voice can sound so emotion/sad. It is her strength!

  • [YT] Wow.. I haven’t really paid attention to Jay’s song. The 2nd song’s lyric is so hard!!! I can barely understand the first few lines but the words sound beautiful. It’s like poetry. I am never a big fan of Jay but his style really makes Chinese culture sounds good!

  • [YT] 唱的不錯啊,拿一位還未出道的參賽選手和超級天后比,你也太機車….,

  • [YT] The Lin judge is right.. the songs they pick are the ones that they won’t pick. lol

  • [YT] Man, the judges know how to give songs that don’t suit them. So far, none of them do better than the first song choice. I guess this is a challenge after all. Damn.. I want her to be in top 6.

  • [YT] He is really not R&B type..and he knows it. lol

  • [YT] 菲姐的歌她也敢唱。。看看菲姐的live吧

  • [YT] 每次聽DuDu唱情歌,都好有畫面~ 好像感覺到他被愛傷得很深….. 可是他沒唱歌的時候又感覺很活潑的樣子!

  • [YT] @slxiaofei 我第一次也是聽梁文音在那節目上唱的,一聽就愛上這首歌!!!

  • [YT] I think Du Du’s voice is the type that doesn’t need background vocal.

    I really like Roger’s comment. He has accompanied so many BIG BIG STARS. He knows what kind of voice is a good voice.

  • [YT] 進步太多了!! 加油!

  • [YT] 听觉的盛宴!!dudu唱的真动情

  • [YT] I thought Brian put a lot of emotion in this song. I can feel he put a lot of power. Yes, he just needs to let it go on the stage. 18pt is decent.

  • [YT] Her eyes @ 10:02 …

  • [YT] Oh damn, they are already advertising for Season 7! I am surprised she has a lot of fans. I thought people won’t like her because she is too quiet. She and Dudu are my most favorites!

    She really has a good voice but I am not so sure about her performance in this song because we are used to hearing Jam’s high notes. Her style is more mild and I think it’s because of wrong song choice.

  • [YT] this is a weird song… just saying….

  • [YT] o nooo dudu!!!!! please take careeeeee!

  • [YT] You know traveling from China to enter the contest is really hard. It is a lot of traveling and can really tire people out. I hope some record companies in China can sign them. I don’t think they’ll release album in Taiwan.

    Wow, the guy in the middle sings very well. They’ve improved their solo parts! Good job!

  • [YT] I think he did really well too. He got that feeling. His high notes are touching. I like it how Peach would give her own opinion. I am surprised he only got 10 votes so far?

  • [YT] I think she did really well. Not many people can handle this kind of Faye Wong song live. Most people either yell too much or not skillful enough. I think she did well. 20pt very deserving!

  • [YT] She is very unique.. whether you like her or not. I kinda like her but she may not be famous.

  • [YT] 哦哦哦原来是这样哦,谢谢桃子帮他们说出来!

  • [YT] 期待下周胡夏的热舞^_^

  • [YT] 3帅!!

  • [YT] 这首歌 第一次是听梁文音唱,不是比赛中,是在小玲老师的节目中。 可以搜来听听看,风格很不一样。

  • [YT] Dudu 近期來都看似憔悴了許多﹐不知是否壓力太大了吧﹖要好好照顧自己﹐比賽成績只是一時的表現﹐不能斷定一生的本領。只要知道有那麼多人在你背後支持你﹐早已是大家心目中的冠軍了﹕)

  • [YT] 剛開始合音的聲音有點大,聽不清楚主聲。希望三帥能有更令人驚豔的表現~

  • [YT] 哎,第一句就不对了,苏,小心点了,这一次

  • [YT] 个人能力太差了呵呵,和其他的几个选手不是一个等级的,哎,不过,一招鲜也够用了~

  • [YT] 胡夏唱得太好了!好像在叙述一个故事 很感人

  • [YT] 姓林的那個Judge很會唱耶~~好聽

  • [YT] 小胖加油~持續發光發熱!!!

  • [YT] 小胖唱 My heart will go on 唱的很棒 很替他感到高興 加油哦 更上一層樓

  • [YT] @tys1222 講話可以粵語,但是連打字都用粵語口氣~怎麼跟人交流

  • [YT] 三帥!真的超愛你們!加油!!!

  • [YT] 哇 他们三个原来不是在一起唱歌的 其实不简单耶

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